Trading Betfair courses

Our Betfair trading courses, all strictly with trading in real time, are made with the aim of teaching in the shortest time and with greatest efficiency, trading techniques and methodologies to be able to start immediately to get consistent profits in the betting exchange

The types of courses on Betfair will be different in relation to the base level of the participant and the aims of the courses themselves. The basic courses will be lasting one day (on the weekend), while the master trading on Betfair will last 2 or 3 days of full immersion focused more on real time trading by the teacher with direct interaction from the participants, in order to on job training the methodologies previously explained. For those who have problems to move or problems related to the kind of job they have, it is foreseen also the possibility to take courses in web mode, learning directly from their own home. The main and predominant part of the courses on Betfair Trading, and betting exchange courses and Master will be managing the Money Management with statistics and examples of the importance of respecting the rules.