Open an Account on betfair

The first essential step in order to begin to understand what the betting exchange and how it works, is to open an account with Betfair, to be able to observe directly the dynamics of movement of the odds: this is possible in many Countries (UK, Irland, Australia,etc) and for all other will be possible as soon as the betting exchange will become official in your Country. In fact, today it is possible to open accounts only with a bookmaker and, as already said, we do trading, not bet! To be able to open a Betfair account you must not have haven’t been opening an account belonging to the same person before; otherwise you won’t be in the position of opening an account for your future operations. Opening an account is very simple and immediate: the documents, according to the running regulations are minimal and are listed as follows:

1) Identity card
2) Credit card / debit card or bank transfer

Once we have these documents you must go to the website of Betfair click on the item and open a new Betfair account. Once you have completed the form with the requested information (name, surname, residence, identifying user name, etc.), you must electronically submit the identity document and then the money needed to start working. With the credit card / debit this operation happen in real time; on the other hand with the bank you have to wait a few days. After these steps your betfair account will be opened and we finally choose a trading platform connected automatically by the bees to our Betfair account (automatically takes information from the data base of Betfair). We would like to remind you that you still cannot open a Betfair account being necessary to wait for the official start up in your Country. By filling out the below form you will be immediately notified via email as soon as this becomes possible.