Kind of sport on betfair

As well as in Wall Street, our favorite motto is "the business never sleeps ". The Betfair market to choose from in order to make trading is affected by money liquidity. It  is fundamental that there is money liquidity inside of the book in order to decrease the risk of each operation.

Money liquidity gives us the chance to cross an order and exit from the initial position. It is essential to choose a market with a large liquidity , and a narrow bid-ask spread (back - lay) i.e. in the order of a few ticks. Never operate in a market with a high spread and no exchanges because the inability to exit the operation we for sure cause a loss. Sports on Betfair with greater liquidity are:

- Football : The main sport in the bag of bets made in Italy. Liquidity will certainly be excellent , while the delay imposed by Betfair to activate the order and then go into the market will be in line with 8 seconds. The most important events are the Serie A and B , the Premier League , the Bundesliga , Spanish La Liga , the Champions League , the Europa League and the world and European Cups including minors and international friendlies tournaments .
- Tennis: Another interesting market to be able to trade in a profitable manner given that, during a balanced match, the allowances move with great volatility allowing to create attractive returns . The delay is 5 seconds and taking into consideration the delay in television broadcast it is necessary to trade the next 15 . The best matches are the Grand Slam tournaments , the major ATP tournaments , the Davis Cup etc .
- Cycling : it is a minor sport but you can get good gains in the great competition going to back or lay , as appropriate , on runners who can win or not win the race and then quit after a few races, depending on the stage of some victory. So Giro d ' Italia , Tour de France , Vuelta de España and then the great classics. Other sports on Betfair are: the Formula One world , Basketball , Volleyball, Golf, etc. .