bet angel

Bet Angel is the most comprehensive software on the market which enable you  to do complex strategies in Betting Exchange and become a real bookmaker or arbitrageurs odds. Bet Angel is not for everyone and in fact in order to take full advantage of all its features and functionality you need to have a deep knowledge and control of betting exchanges. Bet Angel has several tools such as the dutching, an automated trading system that set according to your own parameters allows you to automatically send orders to the market, the vertical ladder, a function that continuously sends odds to the market, etc..


bet angel platformBet Angel allows with the 'subscription base to have two proprietary softwares for free:

1. Soccer Mystic
2. Tennis Trader
Soccer Mystic is a tool specifically designed for football that makes it possible, by special charts and graphs, to see the odds performance vs. time and also allows us to know what is the value of the odds after it has been marked a goals or more, for example, allows us to know if we are on the 20th for the first time on the result of 1-0 what is the value of that odd, or the victory of the team playing at home on the 70th minute. You can easily understand which is the power of this tool, which is little useful to trade, but it is very useful to make complex strategies or bookmaking. Same happens for Tennis Trader. The official site of the software platform Bet Angel with all the information is Here you can have a free trial of the software, or buy the license for one month, three months or more to obtain a discount on subscription.