Becoming a bookmaker is finally possible for anyone who wants it, thanks to Betfair's arrival in Italy on 7 April 2014. Becoming a bookmaker means not doing the "institutional" function of the Banker, and providing any player with the odds to bet on, but being able to sell a stake (bancare) means selling a bet by electronically and anonymously crossing the bet of another player.
Betting an odds is the special feature offered by Betfair and means betting that the chosen event will not occur. You are betting against the event being layed.


Difference between betting and laying a odds

This concept of primary importance and uniqueness will only be used not to sell odds to other bettors, who want to bet the odds instead, but only to be able to trade sports! In fact, becoming a bookmaker, in the traditional sense of the term, means selling odds to bettors and to do this you need special software that calculates the risk of the various operations and a significant starting capital; instead with Betfair you will use the bank only to trade and then exit a position previously opened with a bet. Banking is in fact the exact opposite of betting and allows us to close the transaction made at any time giving us the exceptional possibility of trading on live events. Now with a traditional bookmaker we can only bet on an event (and never bet) before the match and hope that it happens, or in some cases make a live bet but only by betting on the event which remains in the portfolio until the conclusion of the chosen event. With Betfair, on the other hand, we can bet and bank the odds continuously, making small profits for each operation, which add up to an excellent profit in relation to the capital employed. Betting on the odds gives us the immeasurable advantage of trading on the odds!