The Betting market has opened: become a Sports Trader

Doing trading on Betfair odds are traded at any time with other bettors / traders in a real sports betting market which is precisely the Betting Exchange: the efficiency of this kind of betting market makes these more and more affordable than the ones normally offered by traditional bookmakers, which are always higher by 10-15%, in particular because in the case of Betfair there is no margin of profit of the bookmaker, being tis figure absent in the exchange betting market.

The Betting market of Betfair works without break 24 hours a day, so you can continuously enter your proposals to buy or sell at any time during the course of the 'event itself, allowing us to leave at any time the market especially when varying the condition of the market. Each market of each sporting event presents its own trading book with the depth and all the shares available, allowing us to find the best market opportunities in a fast and transparent way. The betting market works then with the same rules and the same procedures as the world's financial markets with the 'only difference of the underlying treaty: here we do not treat equities, derivatives or options, but sporting events such as football games, basketball, volleyball or tennis match, etc. .