Betfair revolution

Finally after waiting for more than a lot of year, trading on the Betting Exchange, and then especially the trading on Betfair will be the "revolution" of 2014, especially in relation to the world of betting and financial markets.In fact in 2014 betting exchange wil be ready to start in several country of Europe, like Italy or Spain and maybe France. Neverthless, we go even further stating it will be a global revolution especially for the feeble Italian market because it will liberalize the betting market allowing everyone to create a new business opportunity or work in a rewarding way.

It will be a revolution for everyone because the betting exchange will be available and easily accessible to all those who have a minimal familiarity with a computer. All you need is a computer and an internet connection to take advantage of this opportunity! The required investment, that is the capital available to operate safely and with excellent gains in relation to the capital employed, is in the range 400 - 1000 Euros. So forget the necessary capital to operate in the financial markets' s which is  of tens of thousands of Euros, instead we will use a capital that a small trader uses as a stop loss! This is because we are going to work with the odds that allowing high returns on invested capital of the order of 50-200% in less than one hour of work. With the right precautions and with proper money management will be possible to get return of 3 digits.