Differences with trading on line

Trading on Betfair will be able to change the life of many traders on the official financial markets that now can trade on the revolutionary Betting Exchange market. Let's see what are the main reasons why you should (if you have not already done it) cease with online trading :

1 . Lack of liquidity in the market ( few active players and the presence of automatic computerized system called HFT which by using a proprietary algorithm creates artificial liquidity that disappears in the critical moments or when most of the operators need to close positions )

2 . Trading commissions and high fixed costs required to make trading
3 . Capital Gain
4 . Tobin tax
5 . The continuous changing of market rules creeping into the mind of a trader negative never ended psychological uncertainty which does not allow to operate with a clear head and without prejudice and concerns.
6 . Unpredictability of the trend of the graphs.
The sports trading on the other hand has a huge range of benefits that are in many cases the defects themselves of his modern trading online. It will be clear by reading this article , understand what are the differences of trading on Betfair. Everyone can draw his own conclusions considering whether to leave permanently online trading, return to work for those who have already previously abandoned it or start for the first time in a new virgin market with definite rules.
The advantages of trading on Betfair are:
1 . No transaction fees on executed orders, you can open and close a trade at the same price without paying commissions; you only pay on profits ( Betfair will charge a commission on profits only between 5 and 10% and on that commission Betfair will pick up your government tax amounting to 20%). If you lose while do trading on betfair you do not pay anything; earned money are net already deducted from taxes.
2 . Starting capital to trade in the range of 500-2000 Euros;
3 . The profits made in trading activities will be available after a maximum of 15 minutes on the Betfair account and immediately ready to be turned on a debit card.
4 . Fixed costs to be incurred in order to work almost absent except for a broadband connection and the eventual subscription to sky or other pay tv, which are both, in any case, most of the times already in the family budget.
5 . Elevation graph much easier to interpret, and in most cases with unidirectional trend either down warding or rising; 

Considering the above analysis it is not necessary to add on which market it will be more convenient to operate in order to make profits which are the basis for the trading.