Stop Wasting Money with the bookmakers: challenge other bettors

Betfair with its platform for the exchange of sports betting, which has transformed the system and shattered long-established tradition of Bookmaker , putting a stone on the inefficiency and on the lack of transparency in the world of betting, making, in this case, " everyone " part of the new system and participant of the same.

The Bookmaker has been deprived of the opportunity of "doing everything " and then offering fixed odds with the impossibility to sell them at any time . With the new system, then back odds are not brought up at the end of sporting event, but they can be resold (layed) at any time giving us the opportunity to get out of the bet. In the most part of Europe for a punter, within the standard, the possibility of being able to trade on sport is not allowed; there is only the opportunity to focus on a single back of a sporting event or multiple events linked to each other (a multiple). The multiple are super advertise by the Bookmaker by using always new promotions and bonuses that are added to the events selected in the Multiple: this is very simple to explain. The multiple events being linked together , are regulated by the compound probability that makes the odds of hitting that particular multi- drop exponentially decrease by increasing the events in the ticket. The players are attracted by the opportunity to earn big amount of money putting at risk a small sum of money, but they do not know that the odds are against them because just missing a single result , even with a very low rate, means losing in the whole game. It 's always best to avoid multiple because our aim is not to gamble , but to trade and earn money from this business; therefore we cannot afford to go against the odds ! With the sports trading we are going to follow a very precise and rigorous method that has nothing to do with the "hope " that we will avoid losing money with the bookmakers .
In conclusion stop losing money with the bookmakers! With Betfair we have the unique opportunity to resell the odd backed at any time measuring ourselves against other players like us and then eventually going to freeze the profit using the green up which is one of the peculiar characteristics of Betting Exchange of Betfair. The green up gives the opportunity to spread the profit or the eventual loss on all possible outcomes, allowing us to exit a position before the end of played event independently from the final result. Let’s the Bookmaker to all those who face the bets with the spirit of the player, just to have a diversion or an adrenaline rush , and remove from our dictionary this word forever!